Album: Built Upon The Graves - Demos (2011)

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Song: No Fate

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The idea behind the band and the name

The reason we choose BUTG as our band name, is that it reflects the attitude and ideas of the band. It did not derive from us being Goths or loving graves. We do not believe in the ghosts, god or any other idea of a life after this one. We are humanitarians. We view the world/universe we live in as the one and only form of creation. As such we must work together and create a sustainable future for everyone that lives and breaths in it.

Behind the name

The meaning comes from the very foundation you stand on whether it be a paving stone or a skyscraper. The ground that is was built upon, the blood and sweat of the people has been spilt to make it. When the pyramids were created. Hundreds and thousands of slaves gave there lives for them to be built for the pleasure of the privileged few. In any war millions gave there lives to protect the very ground you stand on.
It is always the poor who must suffer the most so few can live in a luxury.

Info about the band

The band was first started by V and Chris P in late 2009, after a few months working on the bands first song "No Fate" it was decided Jon Jones (vocals) and Dan V (bassist) would join the band and Built Upon The Graves started to take shape.
Every band created takes influence from there own personal tastes in music and BUTG is no different. Each member of the band is into a large range of different music tastes from Punk, Hardcore, Rock n Roll, Hip Hop, Blues, Ska, Doom, and Metal (in all its many forms). We find inspiration from that to try and create something new and different to the current trends in today music market.

This does not mean we think there are no good bands coming out now and still trying to keep the pride and passion hardcore/punk instils, because there are. It is just we grew up listening to bands who made music which said something, and BUTG have something to say!

And we aim to say it very loud!